Prospective Students

To everyone who wish to enter the Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Sciences


The Institute for Sustainable Agro-ecosystem Services has broadened its horizons from the conventional emphasis on productivity to the sustainability of ecosystem services, and has established an education and research system that connects fields and society based on the Tanashi Campus, which consists of cultivated land, green land, and forest land. We are looking forward to your application if you are motivated to study the field.

In order to study at this institution, among the five departments of the Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Sciences have set up in this institution, select the course (laboratory) and academic advisor in the specialized field you wish to enter and study. It is necessary to apply according to the application guidelines of the department and pass the selection test (admission test).

There are three types of recruitment: general selection, adult selection, and special selection for foreigners. The number of subjects in the selection test (admission test) varies depending on the application form and the department to which the cooperating course you wish to enter belongs. I will.

About Collaborating Laboratories and Instructors

For an overview of the five collaborating laboratories and the faculty members in charge, please see the collaborating labs page. For information on each department that has a collaborating lab at the ISAS, please see the link on the right side of the collaborating lab name (laboratory name).

On the collaborating labs page, you can see the profile of the faculty member in charge by clicking on プロフィール, and the details of self-introduction and research contents by clicking on 個人HP(some may be in preparation). You can also click on Email to contact them directly, which is one of the most useful ways to choose your area of expertise.

About Graduate School Introduction and Application Guidelines

For more information about the Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Science, admission policy, admission guide / application guidelines, guidance, and selection test (admission test), please see  the Admission Guide page of the Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Science.