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Tanashi Campus Agricultural land / green space (former Tokyo University Farm district)


From Tuesday to Friday, the tour course is open to the public as follows.

More than 15,000 people visit each year, from kindergarten children, elementary, middle and high school children and students, to mothers with young children to middle-aged and older people with picture canvases. When there is a request for guidance, the faculty and staff will respond. (Advance application is required.)

Please understand that the field is a place for "education and research" and follow the rules of the tour. In addition, we are not responsible for accidents of visitors on the premises, so please be careful not to cause an accident and spend a meaningful time.

Tour procedure

・General tour map (long-term campus maintenance period) 旧東大農場地区クイックガイド・マップ (233KB)

・Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday (excluding holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, and designated days by the Organization) 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

・Acceptance: You can freely visit the public area. However, please strictly observe the opening time and precautions.

・If you are a learning group and would like guidance and explanations, or if you would like to visit fields and facilities outside the public area, please submit a special tour permission application and obtain permission.

Places where you can visit: Only the public area during the long-term campus maintenance period. Cannot enter other areas / buildings

Since the long-term campus maintenance period is in progress, the scope of the tour is limited to the public area.

If you receive a special tour permit, you can tour outside the public area.

It is not possible to go to The University of Tokyo Tanashi Forest through the venue.


・If instructed by the staff, please follow the instructions for the tour. In particular, we may restrict tours to ensure the safety of visitors, such as when spraying pesticides.

・The visitor passage is not exclusively for visitors. Please do not interfere with work vehicles etc.

・You cannot enter any building other than the toilet

・Please do not collect crops, flowers, soil, etc. Please refrain from bringing in

・Pets and other animals are not allowed

・No smoking on campus

・Please take home empty cans, empty bottles, garbage, etc.

・Please visit on foot. Please note that the public area is not paved for wheelchair users. If you are going out by bicycle, please use the bicycle parking lot near the main gate. Please refrain from using a car (parking is not possible)

・Please note that there are many vehicles coming and going on the premises, and sometimes beehives are hidden.

・If you are traveling with children, keep an eye on them

・Click here to visit the Farm Museum (outside the public area)

・Click here to visit the lotus sample garden (outside the public area)

The University of Tokyo Tanashi Forest


Anyone can visit on weekdays as follows.

Please understand that The University of Tokyo Tanashi Forest is an "education and research" forest, and follow the rules of the tour.

Tour procedure

・Opening hours: Monday to Friday (excluding holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, and designated forest days) 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

・Acceptance: There is no particular reception. Please fill in the necessary items in the books in front of the entrance of the government building right from the main gate and observe (when using it as part of classes and activities of groups of 10 or more, elementary schools, kindergartens, nursery schools, citizen groups, etc., Please apply for a group tour)

・Safety measures: Since the environment in the training forest is close to nature, you may encounter unexpected dangers. Please give due consideration to safety such as physical condition and clothes when visiting. Risks include "attacks by wasps and crows," "heat stroke," and "falling branches."

Prohibited matter:

・Eating / drinking / smoking

・Use of leisure sheet

・Collection of animals and plants (including fallen leaves, acorns, soil, etc.)

・Entry other than patrol roads (in the forest)

・Tour only for children under elementary school age

・Tour by bicycle, motorcycle, etc.

・Car entry

・Accompanied by pets

・Permission for prohibited items: If you want to use with prohibited items, please submit the application form for tour use (general) by the 20th of the month before the day of use and obtain permission. Please wear an armband when using

(Drinking / smoking, tours only for children under elementary school age, tours by bicycle / motorcycle, etc., pets are not allowed for any reason)

・Parking Permit: If you need to enter or park your car for physical reasons or for group use, please submit the parking permit application by the 20th of the month before the day of use and obtain permission. Please post your parking permit on the windshield when parking

・For details and submission of application form, please see The University of Tokyo Tanashi Forest page.

Submission and Form

Tanashi Campus Agricultural land and green space (former farm)

・Submission: admin@isas.a.u-tokyo.ac.jp Email

・Application form: Application for Group / Special Tour(294KB) 団体・特別見学許可申請書

*Please fill out and submit this form. 

*During the long-term campus maintenance period, you can only apply for a special tour.

*It may take some time to decide whether or not to allow a special tour, so please submit the application form at least one month before the desired tour date.

*Please download the latest version (ver. 3.3)

*To open PDF files, please download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (free).

*Click here to download